Shri 108 Baba Pippal Dass Ji

 Baba Pipal Dass Ji was born at village Gill-Patti district Bathinda, Punjab.This pure soul was very much attached to humanity and God, right from his childhood. While living married life, he gained spiritual knowledge from his Guru Baba Mohan Dass Ji. His wife Bibi Shobhawanti Ji was also having pure thoughts. With time a son was born in their home who earned fame as Sant Sarwan Dass Ji Maharaj later on. In meantime, Sant Pipal Dass Ji came to Village Ballan after death of his wife, where he attached human with naam and satsang. Many people enlightened their lives under his affection. He  directed   his son for knowledge  under  Sh 108 Sant
Karta Nand Ji and gifted him with precious Naam Daat from Sh Harnam Dasa Ji. He departed from this world on 26th of Assu, Thursday 1928.