Shri 108 Sant Hari Dass Ji

Maharaj Hari Dass Ji was born at village Garha, district Jalandhar in home of Sh. Hukum Chand Ji and Smt, Taabi Ji. After Sant Sarwan Dass Ji , Sant Hari Dass Ji got responsibility of Dera, with help of Sant Garib Dass Ji and Sant Niranjan Dass Ji .
Swami Hari Dass Ji in memory of his beloved Guru Sant Sarwan Dass Ji, started construction of temple on August 10, 1972 with great efforts from whole sangat. The work completed up speedily till barsi of Hari Dass Ji on June 11, 1973 and was inaugurated on that day with placing the idol of Sant Hari Dass Ji. Sangat extended all help from around the world. Due to variations in weather sometimes problems occur in Satsang, so to solve up this, Hari Dass Ji laid foundation stone of satsang hall on October 31, 1976 which helped Dera sangat a lot. This hall is now known as ‘Sant Hari Dass Satsang Hall’. He stressed a lot upon education of children, and strongly condemns evil practices of society like drug addiction and child marriage. The medicinal helps for all sections of society was carried on continuously under his guidelines. At age of approx. 100 yrs this light merge himself to divine light.